Die Produktion

The production


Cinnamon is a raw material that can only grow in certain regions and under certain conditions. Growing cinnamon trees is very time and labor intensive. A cinnamon tree takes 15 to 20 years to produce a single harvest.

In order to forestall any possible shortage of raw materials and to ensure the quality of our products, we have been leasing the cinnamon forests in Vietnam since 2005. This means we can coordinate cultivation directly on site.

For farmers in Vietnam, this meant that they could sell their entire harvest and were financially secure during the cultivation phase. This way you can multiply your sales. We only use a selected type of cinnamon from central Vietnam, which is known for its very high cinnamon quality in the Southeast Asia region.


The bark is carefully removed from the tree by hand. The bark obtained is then sun-dried for several weeks. Drying the bark by machine would seriously affect the quality of the cinnamon.


We attach great importance to fair trade, so that many people benefit from trading our cinnamon products. Expensive advertising is avoided, for example in order to offer farmers fair prices. Any increased sales are distributed to the employees there. This increases the enjoyment of our collaboration and ensures the motivation of our employees.

All cinnamon products are made in our own factory in Vietnam. Environmentally conscious production and fair and humane working conditions are our principles.

We expressly distance ourselves from the production of inferior goods and wage dumping, child labor, etc., which are often common in many Southeast Asian countries. Many of our products are manufactured according to our own design and creation. In addition, we regularly have our cinnamon products tested by independent laboratories in Germany for ingredients and pollutant content. This means we guarantee the consistently high quality of our Cinnea® items.

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