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With our wellness cinnamon insoles, cinnamon slippers, mules, slippers, we have set ourselves the goal of naturally revitalizing tired feet because this allows the entire body to experience relaxation . A wellness program for feet that spend a lifetime doing hard work.

But we offer even more than just products for your feet!


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Cinnamon soles

CINNEA® cinnamon soles – an all-rounder from nature

As is well known, there are dozens of terms for smelly feet , such as cheese feet , cheese quanta or stinky mice . Those affected suffer greatly. Foot odor is unpleasant for everyone. Those affected try to cover it up with foot deodorant or shoe deodorant , foot powder or foot spray . Who wants to face someone who has a bad temper ? But as good as these highly touted magic remedies are, they are rarely successful in the fight against stinky feet . Even a foot bath and expensive foot creams rarely help or don't help long enough. The good news: Those suffering can now finally breathe a sigh of relief. We have the perfect solution: cinnamon soles .

It may sound unbelievable, but studies and reviews from users have shown that cinnamon, when used externally, can be a wonderful remedy for numerous aches and pains and is particularly effective against sweaty feet. We have taken advantage of these positive properties of cinnamon to finally eliminate the smell of sweat . Our cinnamon soles put an end to disgusting foot odor once and for all. The fact is that even the best chemical odor killers cannot solve the problem. Even preparations containing activated carbon (often incorporated into the soles of shoes ) can only temporarily mask the smell of foot sweat . Some products (antiperspirants) even suppress sweating completely, which can potentially have harmful effects on your health. Cinnamon is a natural product and approaches the problem in a completely different way. Cinnamon has an antibacterial effect and is therefore ideal for shoe insoles, which absorb foot sweat.

The cause is combated sustainably instead of masking the unpleasant smell for a certain period of time. It is well known that foot sweat is caused by the formation and multiplication of bacteria in closed shoes. The CINNEA® cinnamon insoles effectively counteract this. The carefully incorporated cinnamon powder ensures that foot odor does not arise in the first place. This good property also prevents infectious diseases such as foot or nail fungus or nail bed inflammation.

CINNEA® cinnamon soles, with odor-neutralizing properties, solve many foot problems immediately and sustainably. The ginger contained in the herbal mixture also balances the blood circulation in the feet. In combination with cinnamon, it has a preventive effect against circulatory disorders that are responsible for the cold or heat on the feet. The problem of cold or hot feet is noticeably reduced.

The CINNEA® cinnamon soles are manufactured in individual sizes and do not need to be cut to size. They are a perfect fit. They are already available for children's feet and for large feet, up to shoe size 50! They are available in different colors and variations.

The 3D version, for example, is an innovation from our company!

Cinnamon slippers

CINNEA® cinnamon slippers - wellness sandals for vital feet

Our cinnamon sandals are comfortable and stylish, they are handmade from natural materials and are characterized by their pleasant lightness. Because the slippers are made from natural fibers such as loofah , jute or rushes and have a special sole core made from a cinnamon-ginger mixture, the cinnamon tabs are effective against both cold and hot feet . Due to their material properties, neither foot sweat nor unpleasant foot odor stand a chance. But our cinnamon natural slippers can do much more: Slipped on barefoot in the cinnamon sandals, they promise wellness for the feet, because they stimulate the foot reflex zones , reduce the formation of calluses and exude a wonderfully fresh scent - goodbye to sweaty feet! All Cinnea® sandals can also be worn as slippers.

Comfortable to wear and great scent

Because the cinnamon sandals are a natural product, the cool slippers offer another advantage: the feet feel fresh and vital at all times and a small foot massage pampers the feet while walking and ensures particularly velvety-soft soles.

Under the footbed is the tried and tested cinnamon-ginger mixture. As with the cinnamon soles , this mixture also ensures that your feet are always at a comfortable temperature in the slippers , in a completely natural way. No more sweaty feet, no more cold feet. On hot summer days, your feet feel comfortable in the Cinnea cinnamon sandals, and your feet feel just as comfortable in the evenings, in mild temperatures, where others already suffer from cold feet. The cinnamon slippers always promise a wonderful and comfortable wearing experience - whether at home or on the go. In summer and winter.

We offer a wide range of shoe variants: They are available as flip-flops , sauna slippers , slippers , mules or modern leisure sandals . The popular toe separator variants are also available in a generous selection. For women or men, young or old. All models have an equally stimulating effect on the foot reflex zones and provide a natural foot massage , which can also prevent calluses and also increase general well-being .

Cinnea® cinnamon sandals are the perfect choice, especially where you don't want to go barefoot. Many models are also easy to take with you, even in your jacket pocket.

In order to enjoy mountain products made of jute, natural rushes or loofah for a long time, you don't have to pay much attention, just a few small care tips should be followed. Small dirt spots can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Simply place damp or wet slippers in a warm place to dry.

Wellness & Lifestyle

CINNEA® wellness products - inspired by nature

Our wellness products with cinnamon unfold their effect when worn thanks to the essential oils in the cinnamon-herb mixture. They can be used for muscular tension , overexertion , sore muscles or similar complaints. The regulating properties of cinnamon and ginger help relieve sprains , bruises and cramps .

When producing our products, we attach great importance to high-quality material processing and environmentally conscious production under fair working conditions. A win-win situation.

OLLANE® natural jewelry

OLLANE® mother-of-pearl jewelry - unique beauty from nature

OLLANE® mother-of -pearl necklaces and earrings are timeless and never go out of style. They are popular with young and old and have become an integral part of the classic women's jewelry world , although men are also increasingly turning to necklaces.

Mother of pearl is a natural material that is ideal for making jewelry. Each piece is unique because the shell, as a basic product, is always different by nature. The handwork used to refine the piece of jewelry , combined with textiles or 925 sterling silver, for example, ensures a special, unique piece. The pieces of jewelry can only be similar, but will never be completely identical, which is what makes them so unique. A combination of nature and handcraft.

Natural jewelry is very popular. Since natural jewelry also fits wonderfully into our wellness category, we offer a good selection of earrings and necklaces in different versions. From hippie to boho style. This style also reminds some of Indian jewelry . In any case, it is timeless and impresses with its natural shimmer of the mother-of-pearl layer, which can hardly be described. Each piece of jewelry is shipped in an attractive jewelry box - perfectly prepared as a gift.

Experience the wellness and beauty of nature now! We offer useful helpers and great gift ideas .


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