What is a Hydro Box?

The Hydro Box is a growing method in which plants are grown not in soil, but in a water-based container enriched with nutrients. The roots of the plants are dipped directly into the water or placed in a moist substrate that provides the water and nutrients.

Your advantages of our Hydro-Box

You save money in the long run

Instead of buying overpriced vegetables at the supermarket, you can simply grow your own vegetables. Whether in the garden, the terrace or on your balcony.

By growing your own, your plants remain untreated and chemical-free.

Many of the vegetables that you can buy in the supermarket are mixed with chemicals to ensure, for example, a longer shelf life.

Space saving

Since hydroponic plants don't require large root systems, they can be closer
be planted together. This allows maximum use of the
available space and is particularly advantageous in urban environments or at
limited space.

Water and resource efficiency

In hydroponics, plants are grown in a water-based medium without soil
cultivated. This allows water to be delivered directly to the roots, thereby
less water evaporates and less is wasted compared to
Soil cultivation.

Nutrient control

By using a water-based nutrient solution, the nutrients can be delivered directly to the
Plant roots are supplied. This allows precise control over
the nutrient supply, resulting in optimized growth and improved
Harvest quality leads.

Control over environmental conditions:

In a hydroponic environment, temperature, humidity and light can be precise
to be controlled. This enables optimal growth conditions for the
plants and can lead to increased crop yields.

Fewer pest and disease problems

Since the substrate in hydroponics does not contain any organic material, there is less
Pest and disease incentives. This may increase the need for pesticides and
Reduce herbicides and lead to healthier plants.

Faster growth

Due to the direct absorption of water and nutrients by the roots
Plants in hydroponic systems often grow faster than in soil. This can
lead to a shortened growing season and increase overall yields.

Discover the versatility of the Hydro-Box

Our medium-sized Hydro Box is designed to support your green thumb and give you maximum flexibility when designing your garden.

With a lid that accommodates one larger plant and a second lid that accommodates up to 4 smaller plants, you can grow an impressive variety of plants in a single container. The hose entry allows you to easily connect this box to other boxes if necessary to create an expanded hydroponic system and further expand your garden.

Whether you want to highlight one plant or grow a collection of favorite herbs/vegetables and small plants, there are no limits to your creativity with this hydroponic box. Get your black hydroponic box today and transform your home into a green oasis of peace and beauty. In addition, our hydroponic box is made of high quality material, which is durable and easy to clean. The elegant design fits seamlessly into any interior design and gives your home a modern touch.

Create unique and impressive plant arrangements with our box and enjoy the joy of gardening, without the hassle of soil and weeds. Order now and make your green dreams come true.

Simple & practical


- Can be ordered with 2 lids (for larger plants or for 4 smaller plants)

- Hose inlet
for easy connection with other boxes.

- Ideal for gardens, terraces, balconies or your own four walls.

For every household


- Modern design fits into any interior design.

- High quality durable material, easy to clean

- Water-repellent surface that beads up water