Unsere Philosophie

our philosophy

Our company is located in the small town of Wahnbek, a district of the health resort Rastede, very close to Oldenburg. We have been offering our insoles and other wellness products with cassia cinnamon since 2003. A few years ago we expanded our range to include Luffa body care products and are always looking for new ideas. CINNEA is now the world's largest supplier of cinnamon insoles and cinnamon-based wellness products.


Our experience shows that the higher the level of development of humanity, the greater the interest in one's own well-being. The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in our lives. Even if an economically successful company has to meet many conditions, its values ​​should always come first and be incorporated into every further decision.


We attach great importance to ensuring that the people involved in the production of our cinnamon products in Vietnam can work and live under fair conditions. In our company's own production facility, we pay attention to performance-related pay and humane treatment of our employees. Long-term lease agreements with farmers in Vietnam ensure their income and reasonable prices for their goods. That's why we avoid expensive advertising as much as possible in order to maintain our standards.


The topic of environmental awareness has been an issue for us for years, and that is exactly why we have been using high-quality, renewable raw materials such as our cassia cinnamon and ginger for our cinnamon products since the beginning. To replace liquid peeling products with plastic beads, we chose the renewable raw material loofah, which allows you to achieve the peeling effect naturally.


Nowadays it is important to take the customer's requirements seriously and, ideally, to implement them as quickly as possible. We listen to our customers' wishes and find solutions to make our products even more high-quality and attractive. Creative ideas and many years of experience in import-export trade often lead to new product developments. And actually we never know which product will be the next in our shop...


We want you, as our customer, to receive products that are exactly what you expect. That's why we regularly commission appropriate certification bodies such as the accredited testing and research institute Pirmasens eV to check the quality of our products and confirm them with the seal for goods tested for harmful substances.

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