Vital for body & soul

Cinnea wellness products

Cinnamon as a fat burner and heat provider

This Cinnea® cinnamon belt contains more than 1,000 years of experience in traditional Asian natural medicine. The essential oils in the tried and tested cinnamon herb filling develop their effects when worn and have many positive properties. A real treat for body and soul! Supports the burning of fat deposits. Promotes tissue regression during weight loss, also suitable for women after pregnancy. In addition, stretch marks are visibly reduced. Relief and relaxation of muscle tension and back pain.
As a heat belt: Protects your back and kidneys, ideal for outdoor activities and when working in the cold.

Cinnamon to feel good

This CINNEA® feel-good pillow is cuddly and contains natural cinnamon. The spice of the “cold season” unfolds its effect with the CINNEA ® shoulder and neck pillow all year round. For warming, relaxing or relieving pain in the neck and shoulder area. Can be used for muscular tension, overexertion or sore muscles. The regulating properties of cinnamon promote blood circulation and help with sprains, bruises and cramps. Also suitable for other areas of the body such as joints, stomach or back.
This is in contrast to hot water bottles or grain pillows CINNEA® cinnamon pillow independent of heat sources and therefore can be used more flexibly. Excellent at work and on the go.

Cinnamon to relieve discomfort

The natural cinnamon herb filling based on a traditional Asian herbal recipe promotes blood circulation with its warmth and expands the body's blood vessels. Muscle tension and joint problems are relieved CINNEA® knee belt relieved and relaxed. The warming properties of cinnamon have a relaxing effect and therefore also promote well-being.
Individually adjustable Velcro fastener and breathable cotton fabric ensure a comfortable fit.

Luffa - the purity from nature

Many Asian women swear by loofah products. Not without reason, because these body care products are made from natural, dried loofah cucumber and act as a massage sponge to increase blood circulation in the skin.
Unlike sponges made from pure loofah, which are difficult to keep germ-free and can therefore quickly become harmful to health, the special feature of our product lies in the combination of a hygienic, easy-care care product made of cotton or polyurethane and a loofah pad. This thin loofah layer ensures that the sponge dries quickly. This means the sponge remains hygienic so you can reap the full benefits of natural body care!
A regular massage with this loofah massage sponge stimulates blood circulation in the skin and cell renewal. The loofah surface gently removes dead skin cells, calluses, hairs and small impurities. The lymph flow in the tissue is supported. Tensions are released and skin and fatty tissue are tightened.