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Plant bag made of felt fabric, 30 L

Plant bag made of felt fabric, 30 L

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Bring your garden to life: Discover our plant bag made of high-quality felt fabric

Efficient and economical water consumption: Thanks to the optimal moisture regulation of the felt material, water is used efficiently and water consumption is reduced.

Breathability for healthy plant growth: The felt material is not only robust, but also breathable. This means your plants will have a healthy environment for their root growth. Optimal air circulation reduces the risk of waterlogging and root rot.

Generous space for lush plant growth: In our plant bag made of felt fabric, your plants have enough space to grow and thrive. No matter whether you grow herbs, vegetables, flowers or shrubs, they will find enough space for their lush growth here.

Flexibility and easy handling: Thanks to the practical handles, you can easily transport the plant bag and move it around in the garden or on the terrace as needed. You can choose the optimal position to make the most of sunlight or protect against strong winds.

Sustainability and versatility: Our plant bag is durable and offers a variety of uses. After use, it can be stored away to save space. You can also easily clean it and use it as a practical storage bag or shopping basket.

Order your own felt plant bag now and immerse yourself in the magical world of a blooming garden right at home. You will be amazed by their first-class quality, impressive functionality and sustainable properties.

Dimensions: Ø 35 cm, height 30 cm

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During the warm season, most people love to free their feet from restrictive socks and shoes. Unfortunately, not all sandals protect against foot odor caused by sweat. So that you can feel comfortable at any time of the year, there are the CINNEA® cinnamon sandals with cinnamon and herb filling. No matter whether with the familiar Y-shape of the straps or with comfortable cross straps. You can choose between different models and designs for HIM and HER.


People often wear slippers or mules within their own four walls because it is simply more comfortable. Conventional shoes of this type usually have a leather footbed, but usually cannot provide an antibacterial effect. Since an insole would be a bit difficult to handle, we have combined both properties in the CINNEA® cinnamon mules and CINNEA® cinnamon slippers. Take the easy way – with the original CINNEA® products!


These wellness slippers are equipped with a sole made of cinnamon wood, which adapts flexibly to the rolling movements of your foot thanks to individual struts. The comfortable CINNEA® sauna slippers are also suitable for all wet areas such as saunas, swimming pools or spa resorts.


The advantage of using natural raw materials is that your feet always feel soft and fresh. The cinnamon and herb filling incorporated into the soles prevents wet feet and prevents unpleasant foot odor from occurring. In addition, the essential oils have a particularly beneficial effect. The cinnamon slippers ensure a comfortable fit at all times – at home or on the go.