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Cinnamon soles, 3D soft, black

Dry feet & pleasant freshness – with the “walking on clouds” feeling!

The CINNEA® 3D Soft Cinnamon Soles are the natural solution for foot sweat and annoying foot odor. They keep your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature thanks to the natural cassia cinnamon powder incorporated into the soles. The climate in the shoe always remains fresh because the antibacterial cinnamon oil breaks down odor bacteria before they can even form. The foot odor is not covered up, but prevented from the ground up.

The innovative mesh surface of these cinnamon soles creates a soft, airy cushion. You walk “like on clouds”. The 3D Soft insoles are a further developed variant of the standard cinnamon sole from CINNEA.


- dimensionally stable & precise sizes

- without chemical additives

- handmade & fairly produced

- Effectiveness: up to 3 months

- easily perceptible, fresh cinnamon scent

- preventive effect against wounds and athlete's foot

- have a temperature-balancing effect - ideal for barefoot runners (sock-free)

These cinnamon soles are not only very popular with athletes. They fit all types of shoes.

Whether sports shoes, running shoes or everyday shoes such as low shoes and boots.

They are even very useful and popular in ice skates and riding boots!

Available in sizes 36 to 50!

Our tips for those who sweat a lot:

Since there are differences in the severity of sweating, people who sweat a lot (or who wear their work shoes for a long time due to work) should replace the CINNEA® cinnamon soles with a second pair of cinnamon soles during the day. In the meantime, the other pair of soles can dry. This is important to preserve the properties of cinnamon.

In the long run, it may make sense to equip all pairs of shoes you use frequently with cinnamon soles and save yourself the hassle of changing the soles between shoes.

Great gift idea for all occasions/holidays.

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Humans have developed a natural air conditioning system: millions of sweat glands on the skin produce an acidic secretion that cools the body in hot weather. However, this mixture of water, urea, salts and bacteria can cause unpleasant odors, especially in poorly ventilated areas such as the soles of the feet. Intense foot odors, also known as “stinky feet,” not only affect the well-being but also the quality of life of those affected in everyday life, such as during sports or social interactions.


According to traditional Asian healing, the foot zones are connected to the body's organs, emphasizing the importance of healthy feet for overall well-being. In traditional Chinese natural medicine, herbal recipes are used to care for the feet, with cassia cinnamon being a frequently used medicinal plant. In contrast to Ceylon cinnamon, which is known as a spice, cassia cinnamon is particularly suitable for external use.


CINNEA® cinnamon insoles, also known as “CINNEA soles”, use a proven cinnamon herbal mixture from Chinese medicine. Their sweat-absorbing effect is particularly effective, preventing wet feet and unpleasant foot odor thanks to the antibacterial properties of cinnamon. Ginger in the mixture also improves blood circulation and, together with cinnamon, works against circulatory problems, creating a pleasant foot climate - regardless of the season.

CINNEA® cinnamon soles - the quality

CINNEA® cinnamon insoles are of high quality, with sustainable raw materials and tight seams to prevent the filling from slipping. The soles are made of air-permeable cotton fabric for a pleasant feeling on the feet and contain only natural herbs without additives. The cinnamon forests are self-managed to ensure consistently high quality from cultivation to the final product and are therefore different from cheaper alternatives on the market.

CINNEA® Cinnamon Soles - The Application

CINNEA® cinnamon insoles are processed with cinnamon powder and should not be washed as the cinnamon powder could scatter from the soles when they are cut. They come in different sizes and are made from cassia cinnamon, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. A yellowish discoloration of the soles of the feet can occur if the skin is sensitive, but it is harmless and disappears quickly. The scent can be intense at first, but after a few days it fades to a pleasant fresh scent. The insoles should be changed every 3 months and can be stored for up to 3 years. For better effectiveness, they should be taken out of the shoes occasionally to air them out. It is not recommended to use it if you are allergic to any components or during pregnancy.