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This is not a pure loofah sponge, but a sponge with an integrated loofah pad.

Unlike the pure natural loofah sponge, which is difficult to keep germ-free and can therefore quickly become harmful to health, the special feature of this sponge is the combination of a hygienic, easy-care sponge made of polyurethane and a loofah pad. This thin loofah layer ensures that the sponge dries quickly. This means the sponge remains hygienic so you can reap the full benefits of natural body care!
A regular massage with this loofah massage sponge stimulates blood circulation in the skin and cell renewal.
The loofah surface gently removes dead skin cells, calluses, hairs and small impurities.
The lymph flow in the tissue is supported. Tensions are released and skin and fatty tissue are tightened.
Size: approx. 15 x 18 x 5 cm
Front: Luffa natural fabric
Back: cotton with elastic cross band for easy handling
Sponge: 100% polyurethane
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CINNEA® Wellness & Beauty

Discover the beneficial effects of cinnamon now and pamper yourself! Whether for sore muscles or tension - our wellness products filled with cinnamon and herbs promote blood circulation and help relieve sprains, bruises and cramps. And for environmentally conscious personal care, we recommend our loofah products. An intelligent combination of a classic product and a dried loofah layer ensures an effective peeling program, without any environmentally harmful plastic beads.

Pamper yourself and your skin with our natural products! Order now and feel for yourself how good it feels!