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Beautiful necklace, subtle and elegant at the same time! 9 different pendant elements made of real mother-of-pearl adorn this necklace. Real handwork. Each piece is unique. The individual elements shimmer in iridescent cream-beige colors with every movement. The outermost, short element measures approx. 6 cm in length and the middle, longest element measures approx. 7.5 cm in length.

If you feel like you are primarily there for others and have less and less time and energy left for yourself, then these energetic strains are noticeable throughout your life. If you want to bring your soul powers back into harmony and make peace with yourself, the SOUL HARMONY necklace reminds you to recognize and implement your own soul strength.

The individual elements fit together like puzzle pieces and create a beautiful, fan-like shape that flatters the décolleté. The colors of mother-of-pearl are always difficult to describe; here they range from light beige or creamy white to a rose-brown color. Since mother-of-pearl is a natural material, every piece of jewelry is different and looks different than in this photo. It's just an example photo.

The black textile strap is approx. 50 cm long (total length) and has a lobster clasp. The wearing length of the necklace from the clasp to the mother-of-pearl end is approx. 31 cm. Our jewelry is delivered in a high-quality gift box.

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OLLANE® mother-of-pearl jewelry

Discover our exceptionally beautiful and sensual mother-of-pearl jewelry! In our collection you will find a wide selection of DIY jewelry that is unique and special. Each piece was made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship . Our unusual creations are also ideal as a gift for someone special. In order to protect the mother-of-pearl jewelry from external influences, we deliver it in an attractive jewelry case.

Be inspired by our collection and give your look that certain something extra!