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These earrings made of real mother-of-pearl are not exactly delicate, with their diameter being approx. 3.6 cm. The natural pieces are each lovingly handcrafted. Decorative openings were elaborately and delicately incorporated through which the sun can dance, the purest sun dance. The mother-of-pearl discs shimmer in iridescent white tones. Excitingly beautiful! A natural piece of jewelry for feminine elegance.

Each piece is unique. Our jewelry comes in a pretty jewelry case. Material: mother of pearl (shell) / 925 silver.

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OLLANE® mother-of-pearl jewelry

Discover our exceptionally beautiful and sensual mother-of-pearl jewelry! In our collection you will find a wide selection of DIY jewelry that is unique and special. Each piece was made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship . Our unusual creations are also ideal as a gift for someone special. In order to protect the mother-of-pearl jewelry from external influences, we deliver it in an attractive jewelry case.

Be inspired by our collection and give your look that certain something extra!